• May 7, 2024
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Kenya’s taxing system just got a bit more tech-savvy with the introduction of the Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) new eTIMs (Electronic Tax Invoice Management System). This mandatory system ensures secure electronic invoicing, boosting transparency and efficiency for tax administration.

But what if your Point-of-Sale (POS) system or invoicing software isn’t quite ready for the eTIMs era? Don’t worry, DEJAVU, a frontrunner in tax technology, has your back with the introduction of the innovative Comstore smart VCSU.

But what if your Point-of-Sale (POS) system or invoicing software isn’t quite ready for the eTIMs era?

The Challenge for POS and Invoicing Systems

Traditional POS and invoicing systems often lack the capability to interact with E-TIM systems directly. This can lead to a cumbersome and error-prone process, where businesses need to manually export invoice data and upload it to the E-TIM system (double entry).

Comstore smart VSCU: The Solution

Dejavu’s Comstore smart VSCU acts as a bridge between POS and invoicing ERPs and E-TIM systems. It enables a smooth and automated flow of invoice data, ensuring real-time compliance with E-TIM regulations.

Benefits of Comstore smart VSCU

  • Enhanced Compliance: Automates the exchange of invoice data with E-TIM systems, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring adherence to tax regulations.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlines the invoicing process by eliminating manual data entry and upload tasks.
  • Reduced Costs: Saves time and resources associated with manual compliance processes.
  • Increased Transparency: Provides a clear audit trail for all invoice data, fostering trust with tax authorities.

Who Should Consider Comstore smart VSCU?

Comstore smart VSCU is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes that utilize POS and invoicing systems and are required to comply with E-TIM regulations. This includes:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and hospitality businesses
  • Service providers
  • Distributors


Dejavu’s Comstore smart VSCU is a game-changer for businesses navigating the complexities of E-TIM compliance. By integrating seamlessly with existing POS and invoicing systems, Comstore smart VSCU ensures efficient, automated, and error-free invoice management, empowering businesses to focus on core operations and achieve tax compliance with ease.

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