How to Clear Errors in Mercury 130w

Error messages, number displayed in Mercury 130w and their Possible solutions Error Number  Error Meaning Possible Solution  Err  3 Illegal Operation. Meaning you have pressed wrong key for a certain operation in the machine Press C and re enter correct the key press Err 5 The Amount is 0. Meaning the amount on sales mode…

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The Kenyan government gazetted the reduction of the VAT rates from 16% to 14%, following the president’s directive on 27th March 2020 To any business, this is a very welcome move by the government to cushion taxpayers from the cash flow impacts that come by as a result of the monthly VAT payments. Dejavu technologies…

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Get all the answers you need on how to operate Dejavu Aclas CRBX ETR machine

  Basic User Manual for Dejavu Aclas CRBX  1. Sales Mode/Reg Mode(Clerk Mode)   Sales by department:  Switch on the device then press ‘C’ Button. Ensure you have the sales mode display “Clerk 1    0.00”. Enter/Key in Total sales amount (should always be VAT inclusive where applicable) Press VAT keys/Buttons (DP1/DP5– )=14%, (DP2/DP6 *)=0%,…

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