How to Clear Errors in Mercury 130w

Error messages, number displayed in Mercury 130w and their Possible solutions Error Number  Error Meaning Possible Solution  Err  3 Illegal Operation. Meaning you have pressed wrong key for a certain operation in the machine Press C and re enter correct the key press Err 5 The Amount is 0. Meaning the amount on sales mode…

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User manual for ETR mercury 130w

USER MANUAL FOR ETR MERCURY 130W MAKING A SALE  Switch on                             Display  1…………………. Press total                           Displays 0.00 Enter total  amount         (VAT inclusive) Press  1                                  For VAT  Inclusive (16%) Press  2                                  For NON VATABLE GOODS Finish by Total Duplicate receipts   For Duplicate Receipt                     Press SH and QTY Button…

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