Datecs DP50 ETR Machine User Manual




Press ON button   displays OFF

Press 1

Enter password 30 then press total

Enter amount VAT inclusive and  press  G1 =16%


Press total receipt comes out

Press CRD for a copy receipt


Press  ON button   displays OFF

Press 3 then password press 30

Press total twice and it prints


Press ON button

Press 5 then press 30


Press 1 then press TOTAL

Enter start date ie 010917(ddmmyy

Press G3

Enter end date 310917

Press G4 then press TOTAL


click download below to get the manual in pdf

etr machine user manualDATECS-DP-50-USER-MANUAL

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  1. PLease let me know if i can reprint a sales ETR. I was printing one and the paper roll finished. I cannot generate a copy ETR now

    1. Machine does not support old Receipts reprinting

  2. I entered same invoice twice and now i cannot proceed, i can’t cancel and I can’t void,
    kindly assist.

    1. Press VD button to Negate the figure entered and then press Cash/Total

  3. My ETR skipped one z reading, how do I print it again.

    1. Not possible for machine to Jump a z report

  4. Hi DP-50 , Is there a way you can add the items to the machine by uploading instead of having to add a single item?

    1. No way , you only add manually

  5. hi,
    my machine ejects blank receipt after printing.please help me

    1. Try with a new Printing roll paper

  6. hi,my Datecs mp-55a ETR displays high battery when switching on and then it offs,what could be the problem and what is the solution?

    1. 0712097340 / 0711558758 / 0726106253 / 0722458928 Call or take your machine to any of our suppliers around.

  7. my ETR machine displays C… PLEASE WAIT… pliz advise , i was trying to generate Z report

    1. Press button C and machine will be Okay.

  8. how much to change vat rate to 16%

    1. Kindly call 0790394995

      1. how much to rate VAT from 14% to 16%

        1. Kindly call 0790394995

  9. my Machine is indicating ECR Locked

    1. Kindly visit our offices in Nairobi Moi Avenue. Building Rahimutulla Trust building Opposite Bazaar Plaza

    2. Hey, my Dates DP-50 time is incorrect,
      How to I rectify that

      1. Kindly call 0790394995

      2. Call Tony Mutune at 0790516038

  10. hi my etr machine. I think its stuck (display PF..W BATTERY! ) what could be the problem and how can i retify it?

    1. Hello Naomi, Kindly make sure your machine is charged, to clear the battery error, The PF…w make sure Your ETR has a thermal roll paper inside. For more call us on 0790394995

  11. How can I change rate on my machine

    1. Hello Kariuki Stephen Kindly Make a call to this number 0790394995

  12. My etr doesn’t display off when pressed on… it only display a sub total

    1. Press VD to cancel the pending sale, Then press total. Now press <> button

  13. HI,on switching on the ETR Machine, it is displaying RAM CLEARING, thereafter displays the dates 06/08/2019. What could be the issue

    1. Kindly reach us @ 0790394995, Or visit our Main Workshop in Nairobi Moi avenue , Rahimutulla trust building first floor room number 15 or 16 you will be assisted accordingly.

  14. Trying to raise an invoice but c keeps displaying and can’t raise invoice

    1. Hello Rondo,Kindly do a Daily Z report by following this steps:
      1. While the machine displays “off” on the screen, press button 3 and enter password “30” then press Total. and press the button Total again.
      Note if your machine is not showing off, press button
      2. once done printing, press button STL .
      3. if all the printing work done is over. Press and the machine shows off, Press Button 1 and enter password 30. Now you can raise your invoice.

      Note. Raising invoice when the machine is showing 0.00,enter the amount you need to raise which is the total amount VAT inclusive and the press G1 if its VAT inclusive or Press G2 if its not VAT inclusive.

  15. How do i change the VAT Rate on my DATECS DP50 machine?

  16. how do i remove FM reports form the datecs ETR machine

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