How do I make a sale on Aclas CRBX?

  • Sales by department:
  •  Switch on the device then press C’ Button.
  • Ensure you have the sales mode display “Clerk 1    0.00”.
  • Enter/Key in Total sales amount (should always be VAT inclusive where applicable)
  • Press VAT keys/Buttons (DP1/DP5– )=14%, (DP2/DP6 *)=0%, (DP3/DP7_)=EXEMPT to let the machine do the VAT computation on the amount/value entered.
  • Press SBTL/ SUBT key to confirm the correctness of the amount entered.
  • Press the CASH Button and the device generates a fiscal receipt.
  •  Slightly get the fiscal receipt generated and then press CASH Button to regenerate Duplicate Fiscal Receipt.

How do I make daily Report or Z report

  • Switch on the machine and press C, displays Clerk 1, Press Clerk Button twice to Z-Mode, Then press Cash Button, Enter Password “0000” then cash, then on Daily Z press Cash the machine generates the daily report.

Does Aclas CRBX enable old receipt Retrival

The answer is Yes. You can re Print a receipt, Z Report, Fiscal Monthly Report.

To reprint receipt:

Press clerk Button 5 times to EJ Mode.

Then Press Cash and enter password 0000.press cash.

The Machine Displays

EJ Summary Info Report & EJ Receipt. Press Clerk to EJ Receipt, then Press Cash

Press Cash on Fiscal Receipt.

Choose option date to date and then press Cash. Enter date the receipt was generated from(0101200800) to (0101200900). The machine reprints receipts produced on first of January 2020 between 8 amto 9 am.

How to reprint Specific Z Report

On EJ mode Press Cash on EJ Receipt.

choose option Z report

Choose either options(Date to date) or (no. to no.).

What amount in Kenyan Shilling can Aclas CRBX process at ago?

Unlike other Fiscal ETR machine,Aclas can support to even large amounts of Kshs 9,999,999.99.

Amount entered at one instance should range between (Kshs 10.00 – Kshs 9,999,999.00). In-cases where the amounts are more than Kshs 9,999,999.00,  you expected to split the amount in such a way its less than 9M.E.g your amount is 20M, You can split the amount like 9M + 9M + 2M = 20M.Way of entering. Enter the first amount 9M then press (DP1/DP5– ) if its VAT inclusive, if is not VAT inclusive then (DP2/DP6 *), then Enter the second amount following the same procedure and then the third amount. Once you have entered all the amounts press SUBT Button to confirm the Computation, if the amount displayed is correct then press cash to complete your sale and get a Fiscal receipt. And if the amount calculate is incorrect press SHIFT Button and then press (EC/ A.VOID) button. This cancels the transaction. Note you can Only cancel transaction before pressing Cash Button.

Can I Invoice a receipt with Different Currency other than Kenyan shilling?

How do I clear any error in ETR machine?

Any ETR can cancel wrong input, an erroron the machine or any misbehavior, Press the button C.

Incases where the machine cannot clear the error then contact your supplier technician for more guidance 0725872744 or 0790394995

How do I print Duplicate Receipt?

when making a receipt, press Cash twice and the machine prints a duplicate receipt.

if the machine displays error 1. Then press Clerk button thrice, the machine displays Set Mode, press cash, enter password 0000, then press cash.

The machine opens a menu PLU, DEP,press clerk button to Receipt Settings, Press cash.press clerk to duplicate, then press cash choose 1, then cash,the machine is now updated with the new setting.

Can I be able to monitor my daily transactions without doing a Daily Report?

Yes , Aclas CRBX has two types of reports

X Report (Progressive Report)

Z Report (End of the day Report)

X report, This type of Report is used to monitor the total sums of transaction at anytime of the day, and does not store the data to the memory.

Z Report. This is a Type of report which calculates the total sum of transactions in a day, the register all the records permanetly into the CryptoMemory, and the resets the RAM buffer to 0.

How to Clear Common Error In Dejavu Aclas CRBX

Common messages, Displayed in case of errors and overflows for Aclas CRBX


Error Code Error Meaning Possible Solution


Refuse this Function.  Meaning

pressed wrong key

Press C and reenter correct the key press


Clerk not yet Login or Login

Error. Meaning the clerk mode is logged out.

Press 1 and then clerk Buttons, enter 0000 as

password and then Cash



Please clear Account. Expected to issue a daily Z report.


Press Clerk twice, machine displays Z Mode. Press Cash and enter 0000 password, then press Cash twice.



Fiscal memory Full This means the Fiscal memory of the machine is full

and needs to be replaced. Advised to take your machine to a qualified Technician for memory replacement. Contact Dejavu Technician 0790394995 or 0725872744



Printer No paper Open the printer cabinet and properly insert or place

a thermal roll paper. For the Aclas CRBX require paper of the following dimension 57mm * 47mm*




Hardware Reset error Advised to take your machine to a qualified Technician for memory replacement. Contact DejavuTechnician 0790394995 or0725872744


Fiscal Memory was exchange Advised to take your machine to a qualified Technician for memory replacement. Contact DejavuTechnician 079039499or0725872744




Please clear PLU report Press Clerk twice, Machine displays Z Mode, press cash and enter password 0000, then press cash. Press clerk till machine displays clerk reports and then press cash.


SD CARD ERROR Advised to take your machine to a qualified

Technician for memory replacement Contact DejavuTechnician 0790394995 or0725872744



Current time earlier than last EJ

time, Please adjust date and time

Advised to take your machine to a qualified

Technician for memory replacement Contact DejavuTechnician 0790394995 or0725872744



ECR busy Press Shift and the void button and then press cash

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