The Kenyan government gazetted the reduction of the VAT rates from 16% to 14%, following the president’s directive on 27th March 2020

To any business, this is a very welcome move by the government to cushion taxpayers from the cash flow impacts that come by as a result of the monthly VAT payments.

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4.  VAT rate change for DATECS MP55…… for more visit

5. VAT rate change for ELTRADE OMEGA MINI…… for more visit

6. VAT rate change for ELTRADE A 300S….. …. for more  visit

7. VAT rate change for DAISY EXPERT ………. for more  visit

8. VAT rate change for QOURION CR28/ CR20/  CR30…….. for more  visit

9. VAT rate change for TSL MOBILE ………  for more  visit

10. VAT rate change for ZEKAS …. for more  visit


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