How to Clear Errors in Mercury 130w

Error messages, number displayed in Mercury 130w and their Possible solutions

Error Number  Error Meaning Possible Solution
 Err  3 Illegal Operation. Meaning you have pressed wrong key for a certain operation in the machine Press C and re enter correct the key press
Err 5 The Amount is 0. Meaning the amount on sales mode is zero. Enter your VAT inclusive amount on sales mode.
Err  8 The entered value exceeds the maximum value of prices. Meaning amount of figures you entered on sales mode is higher than what the machine can rise at ago. Mercury 130W Support maximum of Kshs9,

9999,999. Per invoice issuing. But if your amount exceeds this amount then you required to split the figure into amounts less than 9M.

e.g If your figure is 20M, then subdivide the amount to 8M+ 8M + 2M. Then Enter the amounts 8M and press Dp key, then enter the second 8M , press Dp key, enter the 2M press Dp key and then press STL to confirm the total Amount if add up to 20M.

Err 24 Fiscal Memory Overflow This means the Fiscal memory of the machine is full and needs to be replaced. Advised to take your machine to a qualified Technician for memory replacement. Contact Technician Duncan 0725872744
Err 28 No receipt duplicate can be printed. Meaning the machine has

no record of duplicate in the cache memory

After issuing a receipt and need a duplicate press Button sh + qty to get an exact duplicate receipt. Note do not issue another receipt before getting a duplicate of the first duplicate else you end up not having the duplicate
Err 38 PLU  Z report is needed Need to do a daily report by Switching the machine On, then press VDMODE to mode 3——–, then press Total twice machine display C00 press button with 00.

click download below to get the manual in pdf

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