Businesses in the country are required to migrate to the new internet-enabled ETR system (TIMS) by August 1 2022, granting KRA real-time access to invoices.

Tax Invoice Management System (TIMS), is an upgrade of the Electronic Tax Register (ETR) that was rolled out in 2005. TIMS will allow real-time transmission of data directly to KRA’s digital system, iTax, at the touch of a button.

TIMS will benefit taxpayers by fostering a fair business environment, simplify VAT return filling (Pre-Filled), automate activation of tax registers and make the VAT refunds faster. TIMS will also benefit the public by building trust between the customer and business entity, participate in enhancing Tax compliance and foster patriotism.

Dejavu Technologies is KRA Approved and a certified supplier of TIMS Ready ETR & ESD machines.

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  1. Kindly share the price of a small TIMS

    1. Kindly call 0111053100 or 0721 237 509

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