Syble XB-8608 Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

KES17,000 KES20,000



This 2d desktop barcode reader with professional technology, newly upgraded decoding chip. Scanning and reading 1D/2D high-density barcode information. Improve the real-time, accuracy and efficiency of data acquisition. Greatly improve the speed of scanning code, and has a large screen recognition angle, adjustable scanning window elevation angle ±65°, rotation angle ±360°, deflection angle ±65°, which meet diversified scanning application scenarios.

Humanized design, no need to install, plug and play, 2d scanner platform, hands-free and improve work efficiency. Automatic induction, reducing consumption and component loss.

The 1d 2d barcode scanner which is made of high-end materials has a long service life, is sturdy and durable and its appearance will never drops. With auto-sensing light, loud sound prompt, and blue LED light with boost at the bottom.


1.New decoding chip can interpret various QR code.

2.Plug and play, easy to operate, and can be used quickly with other office equipment.

3.Power Indicator on the button.

4.Professional technology, can scan WeChat, Alipay barcode.

5.Wire Life is more durable.


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