User manual for ETR mercury 130w




 Switch on                             Display  1………………….

Press total                           Displays 0.00

Enter total  amount         (VAT inclusive)

Press  1                                  For VAT  Inclusive (16%)

Press  2                                  For NON VATABLE GOODS

Finish by Total

Duplicate receipts


For Duplicate Receipt                     Press SH and QTY Button

To Exit from mode                           Press SH then VD MODE



 Switch On

Press Vd Mode Button Till It        Displays 3……………….

Press Total                                          Displays 0

Press Total Again                              Displays 00

Press 00 As Displayed


4.Making  Monthly Report


Switch On

Press Vd Mode Button Till            Displays  5……………

Press Total                                          Displays  F      0

Presss 11 Stbl                                     Displays  D-B(N   0)

Input Start Date                                (DDMMYY)

Press Qty Displays                           D – End    0

Input End Date                                  (DDMMYY)

Finish By Pressing                            VD MODE

click download below to get the manual in pdf

etr machine user manualMERCURY-USER-MANUAL

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  1. How do you produce a duplicate receipt of a receipt that was done earlier that month

    1. Tony Mutune

      Earlier Printed receipts cannot be reprint. The machine doesn’t back up receipts

  2. How do you back data mercury 130w

  3. how will i change my etr from 14% to 16%

    1. Tony Mutune

      Kindly call 0790394995

  4. how will i change my etr from 14% to 16%

    1. Tony Mutune

      Kindly call 0790394995

  5. My machine is displaying date only.I have tried switching off and it is still not working.How do I go about it please.

    1. Tony Mutune

      Kindly call 0790394995

  6. My etr machine is not printing monthly report what could be wrong

    1. Tony Mutune

      kINDLY CALL 0790394995

  7. EFD model 181 showing “memory full” and we are unable to extract data. What should we do?

    1. Tony Mutune

      Visit us in Rahimutulla TRust Building. Opposite Bazaar Plaza. In Moi Avenue
      We are in First Floor room 16

    2. Tony Mutune

      Kindly visit our offices in Nairobi Moi Avenue. Building Rahimutulla Trust building Opposite Bazaar Plaza

  8. I keep on getting an error when working on daily sales

  9. Hello,
    i am new user of the mercury 130W ETR machine. Once i have generated my daily z report at the beginning of the day, how do i go back to make a sale or do i have to switch it off and on again.

    1. Tony Mutune

      Press SH and Vdmode The machine will always show 3 …….., Then press Vdmode twice machine goes back to 1…….. then press total and you are sales mode

  10. Hello, how do I change 16%-14%?

    1. Tony Mutune

      Hello Kindly Call on 0790394995

  11. Hi how do I correct LSE Err

    1. Tony Mutune

      Hello Grace your machine is broke kindly bring your machine at our workshop in Nairobi Moi avenue, Rahimutulla Trust Building First Floor Room 15.

    2. Tony Mutune

      Or kindly contact us on the office no. 0790394995


    1. Tony Mutune

      Depends on the way your machine is programmed. Kindly Press The button Vdmode to Mode 3, Price Total Twice and then 00

      Once done with Printing Press Sh & then VDmode Button , Machine displays …….., Press Vdmode to 4…….

      Press total machine shows 1 0, Press 4, Stl & Total, Press PY1 then total Press 2 , STL , & total, Press Vdmode to 1…… Your machine will have the exempt Settings

  13. How to cancel ETR receipt without passing credit note

    1. Tony Mutune

      Kindly contact 0790394995

  14. How to change VAT from 16% -> 14% ,
    How to change DATE?

    Email :

    1. Tony Mutune

      Kindly reach us @ 0790393995

  15. How do I change my omega mini etr machine vat

    1. Tony Mutune

      CONTACT US @ 0725872744 OR 0790394995

  16. How to change the VAT to 14%. for blue machine


    1. Tony Mutune

      Please Call us on 0790516038 for more guidance

  17. How to clear error 8 in Mercury

    1. Tony Mutune

      Enter amounts less than Kshs 9,999,999

  18. How to clear error 24 in Mercury

    1. Tony Mutune

      Hello Thanks for reaching out to Dejavu Technologies Limited. The Error 24 in Mercury 130W means your fiscal Memory is full and so needs replacement. There is a procedure followed which include:
      1. Write a request letter to KRA that you need to change your fiscal Memory.
      2. Its not a process because you write and then get a stamp the same day of presentation.
      3. Once you have all the documents then bring your machine to our main workshop in Nairobi, Moi Avenue , Rahimutulla Trust Building Opposite Bazaar Plaza.

  19. When I put the machine on it beeps and displays P End 1. Why?

    1. Tony Mutune

      Insert a thermal roll paper.

    2. Means you need to add a new paper roll.

  20. How to change the VAT rate to 14% on etr machine mercury 130w

    1. Tony Mutune

      Please contact us on 0725872744 or 0790516038 for assistance

  21. How do I change to english?

  22. Hi how to change VAT from 16 – 14%?

    1. we will guiding over the phone on how to set the new VAT rates ,kindly give us a call and we will guide you accordingly,

  23. Hi, how do I change VAT from 16 -14%?

    1. we will guiding over the phone on how to set the new VAT rates ,kindly give us a call and we will guide you accordingly,

  24. How to change the VAT to 14%.

  25. Good afternoon, how will I change the Vat from 16% to 14%?

  26. How to change the VAT to 14%.

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